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Paul Brogna is a Boston Based DJ, that has been professionally DJing since 2002. With over 10 years experience, DJ Brogs' knowledge and confidence have built a strong foundation for his DJing career.

He has performed at countless events ranging from nightclubs to weddings, corporate events to private parties, and school wide events throughout the New England area, even performing as far as Europe.

DJ Brogs takes pride in playing to his crowd, no matter what the occasion is. Being a DJ has, is and always will be more than just a hobby or job to him, but a true passion that is always being challenged. Besides the music, the money, and the experience, DJ Brogs' biggest reward in the end is seeing his crowd enjoy themselves, and to Paul, that's what it means to be
a DJ.

Paul loves music, loves celebrating life, and most importantly, loves the art of making people dance through DJing. What started out as a hobby, lead to a lifelong dedication and successful career.